Student Seminar on Social Entrepreneurship 2016

Social Entrepreneurship is an emerging school of thought to bridge the societal gaps in development. Social Entrepreneurs identify a social need (or opportunity) and apply entrepreneurial spirit. Innovative approaches, management tools and leadership for addressing that need and creating social value. Social Entrepreneurs are an amazing class of people who come up with innovative solutions to society most pressing social problems.. They work for the betterment of people’s lives. Profit is not their motive. They measure their success through the impact they have been able to make on the society thought their noble ventures.

Venue : Seminar Hall, GITAM Institute of Management

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Coordinator : Dr. K. Manjusree Naidu, Dept. of Entrepreneurship,GIM
Email : 
Phone : 0891-2840304

Key Resource Person:
Patrick McNamara has worked internationally with universities, corporations, governments, NGOs, and foundations for 30 years across USA, South Africa, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. He currently works on a team funded by the US Institute of Peace where he facilitates a process for Transboundary Water Cooperation between Afghanistan, Tajikistan, and Pakistan. Patrick Mc Namara trains civil servants on good governance and water resource management in India.